Distemper (Panleukopenia) in Cats

Most people have heard of feline distemper only because the distemper vaccine represents the core recommended regular immunization for pet cats. Because the vaccine is highly effective, most cat owners do not have a lot of experience with the actual feline distemper infection. Feline distemper (more correctly called panleukopenia) is caused by a parvovirus and […]

Otitis Externa Treatment in Dogs

Otitis externa is an inflammation or infection of the external ear canal. Bacteria, yeast, ear mites, and allergies can all cause otitis externa. Addressing this problem involves four steps: Cleaning the ear canal thoroughly to remove excessive ear wax and other debris. Applying medication into the ear canal. Allowing your veterinarian to re-examine the ear until the […]

Distemper in Dogs

Distemper is a viral disease in dogs that is characterized by fever, neurological signs, respiratory signs as well as crusting paw pads and vomiting. While these symptoms often occur in phases, sometimes not all the symptoms are seen so to the owner, the published phases don’t always fit what is expected and owners think their […]

Sunscreen for Pets

Sunscreen, or sunblock, can be used on cats and dogs. Pets with light skin and a short or thin hair coat are particularly prone to sunburn, skin cancer, and other solar-induced skin diseases (solar dermatitis, actinic keratosis, actinic dermatitis). If your dog’s coat is shaved during the summer for cooling, sunscreen may also be helpful. […]