Heat Stroke – Causes and What to Do?

heat stroke in pets

Body temperature may be elevated because of an infection (fever), but it may also increase because of hot conditions outside, especially in the Houston climate.  When the body overheats to the point where it can no longer do it’s correct physiological functions, a life-threatening condition called heatstroke occurs.  Heatstroke is  a life-threatening condition, and requires immediate treatment.  […]

Allergies and Scratching in Cats

Seeing your feline companion scratch can be frustrating and difficult to watch. Persistent scratching and chewing by your feline friend can results in skin infections.  Common causes of chronic itching Itching in cats can involve not only scratching but also chewing, licking and rubbing. The common causes of itching in cats are a type of […]

Hematoma of the Ear Flap in Companion Animals (Aural Hematoma)

ear hematoma dogs

What is an Aural Hematoma and is it a Problem? Any hematoma refers to swelling outside a body cavity, usually under the skin from a broken and bleeding blood vessel. When this occurs to the flaps of a cat or dog’s ear, it is called an aural hematoma. Our companion animals get this often from […]

Dog Anal Gland Tumors

dog anal gland tumors

Many dog owners have seen their companion scoot their rump across the floor in a disconcerting way. Sometimes you may smell a fishy odor or see brown droplets after the scoot. If you have, your dog’s anal glands were probably full and itchy, making your pet rub and also try to empty their glands. People […]

Grain-free Pet Diets and Heart Disease in Pets

cat x-ray

You may have heard about a link between grain-free diets and canine heart disease from the news or from your veterinarian. If you haven’t, here’s some important information we’d like to share with you: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has alerted pet owners and veterinary professionals about reports of canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in […]

Melanomas in Companion Dogs and Cats

melanoma in dogs and cats

Most people know about melanoma and know it is a skin cancer. It arises from pigmented skin from a pigmented cell type called melanocytes. In people melanomas are commonly associated with sun exposure and overexposure.  Likewise, the situation in pets involves cancer of the melanocytes and pigmented growths. the difference is, in pets, specific body […]

Rabies and Your Pet

rabies in pets

Rabies has existed for a long time and is one of the most serious viral infections for people and mammals alike, as there are no second-chances. It is always fatal (with the exception of a case where a female was placed into a coma while her body had time to mount an immune response). The […]