Diets and Heart Disease in Dogs and Cats

cat x-ray

Certain pet diets can cause cause heart problems Many years ago, veterinarians recognized deficiency of an amino acid called taurine as the most common cause of dilated cardiomyopathy in cats.  Cats are unable to make their own taurine (just like people can’t make their own vitamin C) and must ingest it to stay healthy.   Taurine is plentiful […]

Keeping your Cat and Dog Companion Healthy

keeping your pet healthy

Our pets love us and we love them. So, what can we do to try and give your cat, dog or other animal companion a life that keeps them healthy? Besides our love and time, what else can we do? This article reviews the basics for ensuring your animal companion receives the best general preventative […]

How To Care for Orphan Puppies & Kittens

kitten care

At some point or another, we usually find baby animals that we wish we hadn’t seen. Kittens or puppies that are too small to care for themselves and without a mother in sight or an injured or dead mother. In other instances a  bitch or queen produces a little but proves that they are unable […]

Testicular Tumors in Dogs

testicle tumors in dogs

Testicular tumors are the most common genital tumors found in male dogs. Tumors can grow in one or both testicles. Most types of testicular tumors are malignant. Usually this means that they are cancerous and have the potential to spread and harmfully change the surrounding tissues.  Cancerous tumors can also metastasize (spread) to other organs […]

Not Eating (or Anorexia) in Dogs and Cats

Appetite loss and reduction are important factors in many diseases and they must be recognized and addressed as quickly as possible. Nutrition and lack of nutrition is essential in preventing further issues.  Acceptance of favorite foods often determines if a pet should be hospitalized or not. A couple of off days is generally not a […]

FLEA PREVENTION: Treating your Yard and Pets for Fleas and Ticks

flea and tick prevention in pets

If fleas and ticks have been a problem for your pets, there are three areas you have to treat to be successful in treating fleas.  1.Treating your pets with an effective product 2.Treating your house with a growth regulator 3. Treating your yard. If you don’t have a fenced yard, it will be impossible to […]

Pet Treats…The Do and Dont’s

pet treat dos and donts

Pet treats are widely used, and for good reason. Treats can be useful training tools, and pets typically like treats (and owners like to make their pets happy). But even something as simple as feeding pets treats carries some risks.  Finding the right treat is essential. Many pet owners don’t realize that some common treats […]