Common Causes of Diarrhea

Soft serve, explosive, mucous-y – that’s some of the ways owners describe their pets’ journey from solid formed feces to diarrhea. There are many causes ranging from easily solved to those requiring extensive hospitalization.   But things to remember are: the sooner you bring your pet to the veterinarian, the easier you make the problem […]

Lumps and Bumps

Lumps and bumps can appear on your animal companion, some are infections and plugged hair/fur follicles while others may be tumors. Lump and Bumps can cause tumors on the skin or just beneath and should always be evaluated. Make sure they are not malignant (i.e. not likely to spread, non-cancerous) versus malignant (likely to spread […]

Intestinal Parasite Prevention

Intestinal parasites pose a year-round threat to our cat and dog companions. Intestinal Parasite Prevention – While regular heartworm preventives contain some protection against intestinal bugs, it often doesn’t protect all the parasites out there. If a dose or two was missed or your cat or dog ingested a very high parasitic burden, they can […]