Allergies- they are in the air

Airborne particles (pollen, dander, etc.) are harmless to someone who is not allergic to them. Allergy develops in individuals who are genetically programmed to do so – This includes our dog and cat companions. Features of Atopy (allergy to airborne things) There are many reasons for pets to itch: parasites, allergy to flea bites, food […]

The Coughing Cat

Cats do a lot of things that pet owners seems to get used to, coughing, vomiting etc. This topic is focused on coughing cats, and coughing just like vomiting isn’t normal. The first question to ask yourself is, if the cough wet or dry? Wet coughs can be pneumonia or fluid in the lungs. Dry […]

Eyes – The Windows to the Soul

There’s more to that expression than meets the eye – pun most definitely intended. A clear iris, white non-vascular sclera (the whites of the eye) are indicators of good health. Systemic disease such as infection, inflammatory illnesses, endocrine disorders like diabetes and cancer can manifest as a condition known as uveitis, which lead to pain […]