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At Urban Animal we know that every companion animal has his or her own unique characteristics that define who they are. We celebrate these qualities, and that’s why our approach is specific to a pet’s individual needs.

Urban Animal takes into consideration things like personality, sex, lifestyle, breed and life stage. Our state-of the-art facility enables us to work with animals that have a range of needs, from a pet that’s healthy to one that’s sick or in need of emergency care to becoming a senior or experiencing something else.

Your pet isn’t just a pet; he or she is your urban companion. We wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s why Urban Animal was created – to celebrate the uniqueness and dignity of every individual animal.

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Following are some of the many services we perform. Visit our Services overview for more details.


Cardiac disease occurs in cats and dogs similar to people. Disease can be present at birth (congenital) or be acquired along the way. The most important thing with heart disease is to diagnose

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Your animal’s teeth require regular care just the way people’s do. This includes regular brushing to maintain good oral health. And just like us, they also need routine dental evaluations with x-rays, scaling, probing

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While we all know that beauty goes deeper than the skin, when it comes to dermatology, we’d like to stay a little shallow. Your pet’s coat is a reflection of his or her overall health; it’s also a reflection

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From infectious diseases and endocrine disorders to autoimmune problems, inflammatory illness to genetic anomalies, organ dysfunction and more, the broad field of internal medicine encompasses everything that’s anything

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Urban Animal has digital x-ray to better visualize structures that aren’t always apparent. Our state-of-the-art x-ray enables us to quickly obtain images of the chest, abdomen and the organs inside them

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Whether elective surgery, biopsy, mass removal or unexpected, Urban Animal helps you keep your cat or dog healthy. Our surgery suite has a heated surgery table to keep your pet warm during a procedure

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Don’t wait until your pet gets sick. While your your pet is healthy you are in control to prevent an illness from happening. By combining a sensible vaccine program that meets your pet’s life style with good nutrition

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No one likes to hurt, and we want your pets to be as comfortable as possible while getting ready for an upcoming procedure or post-operatively. Urban Animal starts companion animals on medication

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Urban Chic

Let your dog or cat revel in his or her uniqueness with a style that highlights both a glorious coat and personality with our new Heights pet grooming services. Our facility has a relaxing ramp walk-up tub, cage dryers and the benefit of being in a veterinary hospital. If a problem arises, we'll take care of it. And if you dog or cat would benefit from a little tranquility, we can facilitate that as well and help alleviate stress.


Dr. Hilary Granson


Hilary Granson, DVM, is a graduate of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine who lives in Houston, Texas. Dr. Granson opened Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital to address the needs of the community. Her favorite aspects of veterinary medicine include internal medicine, anesthesia, pain management, emergency medicine and immunology. In addition to cats and dogs, Dr. Granson has experience treating avian and exotic patients. In her free time, she enjoys motorcycle riding, target shooting, finding good restaurants and attending concerts. She has been published in veterinary and human medical peer-reviewed journals and writes for the Texas Veterinary Medical Association.

Marya "Papaya" Hudson

Urban Care Team

Marya comes to Urban Animal with over 10 years experience as a veterinary technician. She has held senior technician positions at well-regarded referral and ER hospitals and brings a fantastic skill set to Urban Animal. Marya enjoys the quality care each pet here gets, and she enjoys getting to know the people the pets are attached to and helping make everyone's experience better. Marya shares her life with three dogs and a husband who bakes for her (and sometime her lucky co-workers).

Rigo Correra

Urban Care Team

Rigo is experienced in day practice as well as high quality emergency medicine. He currently works full time for the ER VERGI and works at Urban Animal on a steady PT basis. His tech skills are amazing as his his report with clients. We're happy to have him with us!

Ty Moore

Urban Client Care Team

Every day is a happy day when Ty's around and clients and co-workers alike flock to his side to catch his sass, hear him sing or drink in the amazing energy emanating from this very special person. If Ty's essence could be bottled up and turned into a drug, it's street value would be unprecedented. Ty has a background in reception, customer service, retail and musical theater and handles all matters with efficiency and grace. Outside of work Ty's private life is private as he reminds us every day. As a result speculation brewing. We are currently trying to verify that Ty comes to work each day as a magenta shimmer of light.

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Armenia Garcia

Urban Service Representative

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Ty Moore

Urban Service Representative

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At Urban Animal we wanted the best team to work with your animal companions, so we picked an amazing group of people to work with your pets. This resulted in diversity and a fantastic Urban Team. And we couldn’t be prouder. Our diversity reflects the wide range of people and pets in the community we serve.

Our way of thinking extends to whomever walks through our doors. We don’t care about what you look like, your gender, whom you choose to love and how you choose to express yourself. We also don’t don’t discriminate on whether you’re intact, spayed or neutered, walk on two legs, four or require assistance. Urban Animal respects the uniqueness of anyone that comes into our hospital. When you’re here, we want you to feel right at home.

Reinforcing our commitment to celebrate the uniqueness and dignity of every individual, we built this hospital from the ground up to be in full compliance with the ADA. Our hallways, washroom, waiting area, exam rooms and parking are accessible to everyone. At Urban Animal, everyone is welcome.


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