Infected Bite Wounds

An abscess forms when an infected bite wound heals over on its surface and traps the infection inside. Fever is generated as the infection incubates. Diseased tissue and the inflammatory cells liquefy into pus. The pus breaks through the overlying surface skin and drains, leading to foul odor, pain, and discharge. The area may or […]

An Intestinal Parasite You May Not Think of: Coccidia

What is Coccidia? Coccidia is a single-celled organisms that infects the intestine. They are microscopic protozoal parasites detectable on fecal tests. They are not worms but protozoa and infect through shedding of cysts. Coccidia requires different anti-parasitic medication then what’s used for parasitic worms. Coccid is also not visible to the naked eye.  Coccidia infection causes […]