Dexamethasone Use in Companion Animals

Dexamethasone Use In Companion Animals

This medication is available as an injectable from your veterinarian, an oral solution and oral . It also comes in eye drop formulations. Uses of this Dexamethasone: Dexamethasone is a member of the glucocorticoid class of hormones. It is a steroid similar to prednisone in its actions. This class, unlike the anabolic steroids used by […]

Cat Aggression Towards People

Many of us have experienced our cat snuggle up to us only to bite at our hand when we go to pet them. This is one scenario where some cats show aggression to their owners. Many other situations can lead to cats swatting, scratching, or trying to bite their human companions.  These unwanted behaviors from […]

How to Clean and Administer Ear Medications in Dogs and Cats

administer ear medication in dogs

Ear infections of inflammation of the external canals is called Otitis externa. Bacteria, yeast, ear mites, and allergies can all cause otitis externa. Addressing this problem involves four steps: Having your veterinarian make a diagnosis through examination and microscopic evaluation Cleaning the ear canal thoroughly to remove excessive ear wax and other debris that can protect bacteria, yeast […]

What is the risk of Toxoplasmosis to pregnant women from their cats?

What is the risk of Toxoplasmosis to pregnant women from their cats?

Toxoplasmosis, cats and litterboxes have always been a nerve-wracking subject for pregnant women. The cysts develop in the feces over a period of two to three days, so the litterboxes, cats and the pregnant women dealing with this have reason to be worried.  But, what it comes down to, is what is the actual risk […]

Why the Increase In Dog Respiratory Infections?

dog respiratory infections

For over the last year, upper respiratory infections have been increasing, even among vaccinated dogs. Kennel cough or Bordetella bronchoseptica (the main bacterial agent at the core of kennel cough) is one of the most common pathogens involved with canine URIs.  This year has been busy with many veterinarians seeing multiple canine coughing and sneezing every week. […]

Holiday Fireworks and Loud Noise Fear in Pets

holiday fireworks and loud noises for pets

The holiday with New Year’s around the corner is filled with celebrations that involve loud noises including New Year’s fireworks. Dogs and cats react to loud noises, having new people over, and fireworks. Some pets aren’t phased by loud noises and boisterous activity but others get hurt by panicking and jumping through closed windows or […]

Adequan – Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan for Joint Integrity

dog joint pain

Brand Names: Adequan, Chondroprotec What is Adequan? The articulating bones are capped by cushions of cartilage to facilitate this frictionless gliding. The integrity of the smooth, somewhat soft cartilage is crucial to normal range of motion and comfort. A joint consists of articulating bones, a capsule enclosing the joint, and  lubricating joint fluid to allow low friction movement […]