Pet Treats…The Do and Dont’s

pet treat dos and donts

Pet treats are widely used, and for good reason. Treats can be useful training tools, and pets typically like treats (and owners like to make their pets happy). But even something as simple as feeding pets treats carries some risks.  Finding the right treat is essential. Many pet owners don’t realize that some common treats […]

Heart Murmurs in Dogs and Cats

dog heart murmur

What does a murmur mean? A heart murmur is an abnormal sound your veterinarian can hear when listening to your pet’s heart with a stethoscope. Normally, two distinct sounds are heard when listening to the heart of a normal dog or cat. These are often described as “lub” and “dub.” When listening with a stethoscope […]

If You’re Looking for Purebred Cat or Dog, How to Find a Good Breeder

how to find a good breeder

People look for purebred animals for a variety of reasons: happy memories with the breed; predictability of temperament; trained for specific tasks such as hunting, agility, obedience, or other types of work  Sometimes, you can find purebred animals in animal shelters and through rescue groups. Breed-specific rescues only take in a specific breed, or mixes […]

Rising Stars: Meet Hilary Granson

Hilary Granson

Urban Animal Veterinarian Dr. Hilary Granson has been featured in Voyage Houston Magazine! You can check out the article in its original form here: Take a look at what Voyage Houston Magazine had to say below: Today we’d like to introduce you to Hilary Granson. Hi Hilary, please kick things off for us with […]

Ring in the New Year with Less Fear!

new years celebrations scare pets

The New Year is a great time to have fun, relax and celebrate the passing of the year past and ring in the year about to come. It’s also a time of risk for our animal companions: foods that we like an cause vomiting and diarrhea, lots of friends over can make the shy pet […]

Gooey Diarrhea in Dogs and Cats

Diarrhea in Dogs

What is Colitis – the cause of mucoid gooey stool? Colitis means that the colon or large intestine is inflamed. The hallmark of colitis is a gooey, frequent diarrhea that may contain blood and/or mucus. The stool may start normal then finish soft or may seem gooey throughout. There is often accompanying gas and the […]

Laser Treatment Now Available at Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital!

Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital is happy to announce that laser treatment is now available to help your cat or dog feel his or her very best!  Laser therapy can help manage pain for sudden or long-standing problems. With laser treatment, a beam of light energy is applied to your animal companion’s area of inflammation along with […]