Everything that's Anything

From infectious diseases and endocrine disorders to autoimmune problems, inflammatory illness to genetic anomalies, organ dysfunction and more, the broad field of veterinary internal medicine encompasses everything that’s anything, and we help make a diagnosis and get your urban companion the best treatment available.

In addition to a wide away of in-house and reference laboratory testing, Urban Animal works with a number of boarded internists to get your pet the best treatment plan.

Services include:

  • Gastrointestinal panels
  • Endocrine testing
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Ultrasound
  • Lower airway washes
  • Infectious disease testing
  • Autoimmune disease testing
  • Transfusion medicine
  • Kidney and liver specific panels
  • Pancreatic blood panels
  • In-house and reference laboratory services
  • Culture and sensitivity tests
  • And much more…
sick cat at vet