Our Veterinary Services and Emergency Pet Care

Following are some of the many Veterinary Services we perform. Visit our Services overview for more details.


Cardiac disease occurs in cats and dogs similar to people. Disease can be present at birth (congenital) or be acquired along the way. The most important thing with heart disease is to diagnose


Your animal’s teeth require regular care just the way people’s do. This includes regular brushing to maintain good oral health. And just like us, they also need routine dental evaluations with x-rays, scaling, probing


While we all know that beauty goes deeper than the skin, when it comes to dermatology, we’d like to stay a little shallow. Your pet’s coat is a reflection of his or her overall health; it’s also a reflection


From infectious diseases and endocrine disorders to autoimmune problems, inflammatory illness to genetic anomalies, organ dysfunction and more, the broad field of internal medicine encompasses everything that’s anything


Urban Animal has digital x-ray to better visualize structures that aren’t always apparent. Our state-of-the-art x-ray enables us to quickly obtain images of the chest, abdomen and the organs inside them


Whether elective surgery, biopsy, mass removal or unexpected, Urban Animal helps you keep your cat or dog healthy. Our surgery suite has a heated surgery table to keep your pet warm during a procedure


Don’t wait until your pet gets sick. While your your pet is healthy you are in control to prevent an illness from happening. By combining a sensible vaccine program that meets your pet’s life style with good nutrition


No one likes to hurt, and we want your pets to be as comfortable as possible while getting ready for an upcoming procedure or post-operatively. Urban Animal starts companion animals on medication


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