Whipworm Infection in Dogs and Cats

eggs from whipworm infection

This worm is one of the top intestinal parasites with which our canine friends must contend, the other worms being: roundworms, tapeworms and hookworms. The whipworm that affects dogs (Trichuris vulpis) is substantially smaller than the other worms (a mere 30-50 mm in length, about two inches maximum) and is rarely seen as it lives in the […]

Acute Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis or HGE in Dogs

Acute Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis in dogs

The term hemorrhagic gastroenteritis refers to inflammation of the stomach and intestine with bleeding. This kind of bleeding inflammation might be seen in patients with other issues including parvovirus,  pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease and more. However, when the term HGE is used, it usually refers to a more specific dog syndrome. HGE is a potentially life-threatening intestinal condition […]

Kitten Essentials 101

things to know before getting a kitten

Ready to bring that cute kitten home? Here are some essential things to know about kittens: First, kittens are supreme experts at getting people to fall in love with them in one glance, so be prepared for that if you go to simply have a peek at kittens, you will likely return home with one […]

Anaplasma Infection in the Dog

Ixodes tick

Anaplasmosis is a tick-borne disease. Two types of infections can happen: granulocytic anaplasmosis and infectious cyclic thrombocytopenia. Granulocytic anaplasmosis is more common, but your canine companion can have both infections at the same time. Transmission is via a tick. A tick needs to be attached for a minimum of 24 hours to transmit the organism. […]

Sleep Disturbances in Older Dogs

dog sleeping on couch

Sleep is essential for dogs and people. As in people disturbances of the sleep-wake cycle can occur in older pets and is a common problem, occurring for many reasons, including both medical and anxiety-related causes. Diagnosis and Clinical Signs There are many reasons an older dog may have difficulty sleeping at night. Just like humans, […]

Thunderstorm Anxiety in Dogs

Thunderstorm Anxiety in Dogs treatment

Reactions to thunderstorms are not uncommon: loud noises from overhead are difficult for dogs to process and understand. While many dogs get accustomed to storms over time, others may become more anxious with ongoing exposure. Even a single frightening event during a storm may contribute to your pup’s fear. The degree of anxiety is based on […]

Why Does My Dog or Cat Eat Poop?

why dogs eat cat feces

Eating feces, also called coprophagia, can be distressing  for dog and cat owners. Whether it’s the pet’s own feces or someone else’s, the act itself is, well, gross, and not acceptable behavior for us to do, so it’s hard for us to watch our pets do it? So why does this happen? What can you, as […]