Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough is a highly infectious bronchitis of dogs characterized by a harsh, hacking non-productive cough that sounds like something stuck in the throat. Most cases are self-limiting and last 7-9 days with only mild lethargy with pets acting like themselves. In these uncomplicated cases, the most distressing thing is usually the harshness and frequency of […]

Veterinary Hospital Houston Heights

Veterinary Hospital Houston Heights Urban Animal is a full service Veterinary Hospital located in the Houston Heights. We offer a wide range of medical services and treatment. Some of the several areas we specialize in are Internal Medicine, Radiology and Pet Surgery. Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist Heights From infectious diseases and endocrine disorders to autoimmune […]

Who We Are

Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital was created to provide optimum veterinary care to the Houston Heights community and be a local resource.   Urban Animal focuses on a patient and owner’s unique needs and doesn’t employ a “one-size-fits-all” mind set. We pride ourselves on representing the diversity of the community we live in.   Just as […]

Animal Behavioral Issues

Animals, like people, sometimes experience the world in less than optimum ways. Multi-pet households, or bringing home an older pet that has been abandoned by its original family can lead to issues such as anxiety, fear and aggression. Urban Animal can help you and your pet work through these difficult experiences by using medication, behavioral […]