Many dogs do not like having their nails trimmed and some are outright petrified. Dogs can be taught to file their own nails using a nail board. Dogs learn to scratch on the board using a scratching or digging motion. Nail boards can be purchased, or hand made using a board, duct tape, and coarse or medium sandpaper.

nail board for dogs

Learning to use the Nail Board

Dogs learn quickly how to use a nail board with minimal training. You shape the behavior by breaking down the completed behavior of scratching the board into smaller steps, rewarding your dog for completing each step. These steps include approaching the board, touching it with any body part, touching with a paw, touching with multiple paws, moving the paw while touching the board, and finally scratching the board with each paw. When rewarding your dog, treats can be rolled down the board.

dog learning to use a nail board

Minimal Training Required

Another alternative to nail board training is to incorporate fun games.

dog standing on a nail board

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