As the weather warms, it’s common for dog owners to take their pooches to the dog park. It’s a time to run, play and burn off energy. It can also be a place of flights and spreading infectious diseases. But that doesn’t means the pros don’t outweigh the cons if you use a little precaution.

1) If your dog is small or small-ish < 25 pounds, it makes sense to go to a park with separate large and small dog play areas. In that instance, if a scuffle were to happen, it’s amongst equals in size and damage is much less than when it’s a big dog attacking a little one.

2) Make sure your companion is on flea and heartworm prevention. This reduces the risk of bringing home fleas, ingesting intestinal parasites and protecting your canine companion from heartworm disease.

3) Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are current to reduce the likelihood of contracting or spreading diseases like parvovirus, leptospirosis, kennel cough and more.

4) Have your pet wearing an identifying collar and get him or her microchipped, so if he or she somehow escapes, there’s a reasonable chance of getting your companion back.

The world is a big scary place. But your dog’s world can be a big beautiful park that lets them socialize, run and stay sane. With just a little precaution, dog parks can make your pooch very happy and come home tired out and ready to chill.

Urban Animal supports fenced in dog parks!

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