Off for a vacation road trip and looking to bring your canine companion? Kudos to you for bringing your furry friend along. Some dogs love hopping in the car, peering out the window and seeing new places. But other dogs get anxious in the car and/or in new surroundings.

If your canine companion is not known for his/her laid back disposition and gets worked up on trips, there are new medications that can help for travel.

Just like some people on planes benefit from the sleep medication Trazodone, dogs can benefit from it, too. Their dosage and how long it lasts is different from a person’s so don’t assume you can give your dog medication from your personal supply. But your family veterinarian can guide you on whether this is an appropriate medication for your travel buddy and give you a prescription at the correct dose and frequency.

Urban Animal uses Trazodone for some anxious travelers. There are other medications that can be effective, too. If you’re interested in helping alleviate your pet’s stress while travelling, call us and schedule an appointment today!

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