“Fear Free” practices are being utilized by progressive veterinary hospitals to reduce the stress of animals during their examinations. From the day we opened our doors, Urban Animal incorporated many aspects from the formal Fear Free Initiative.

This includes:

* Making sure pets are made to feel welcome when they enter the hospital – both cats and dogs are greeted with love and treats
* Animal companions are not taken away from the comfort of their owners for routine visits and blood draws
* Minimal restraint is used while pets are being examined unless the cat or dog shows it poses a safety risk to itself or our staff
* Treats, catnip and love are given during office visits to reduce pet stress
* If a cat or dog is hospitalized in our treatment area, cats and dogs have separate sides allowing separation and reduced anxiety
* The feline pheromone Feliway is used throughout the cat side of the hospital to encourage a feeling of safety

Our goal is to respect the dignity of every individual that visits our hospital. And this means doing everything possible to make your pets along with their owners feel right at home!

Call us at 713-863-0088 about scheduling a ‘low stress’ visit with our veterinarian.

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