Lumps and bumps can appear on your animal companion, some are infections and plugged hair/fur follicles while others may be tumors.

Lump and Bumps can cause tumors on the skin or just beneath and should always be evaluated.

Make sure they are not malignant (i.e. not likely to spread, non-cancerous) versus malignant (likely to spread and cancerous.

Lumps and Bumps
Lumps and Bumps
There are two main ways to evaluate tumors:
– Fine needle aspirate: a needle is placed into the tumor and cells are ‘sucked’ out and evaluated by a pathologist.
This is a non-invasive way to potentially make a diagnosis
– Biopsy: a sample of the affected tissue is removed and sent for evaluation by a pathologist.
This method is more invasive as tissue is removed, but it sometimes better for making a diagnosis.
We are here to help!
Urban Animal can do both techniques and we can help you decide what’s better for your pet. If your animal companion has a mass that needs to be evaluated.
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