Pet Flea Treatment Houston Heights
Fleas are a year-round issue for pets and owners living in areas with warmer climates, such as Houston, Texas. Fleas are found primarily outside but latch onto warm-blooded mammals such as our pets, allowing them into our homes. Unfortunately, when fleas are found on an animal this only accounts for a fraction of the infestation. The other stages of the life cycle: eggs, larvae, and pupae, will most likely be present in the home as well. Once an animal is treated for fleas the adult fleas will begin dying within hours. However, the process of completely eliminating the infestation can take up to 12 months due to the hardiness of flea eggs and the time it takes to enter and complete the other phases of its maturation. Consistent preventive care is always the best solution to avoid an infestation and protect your pet.

The Dangers of Fleas
Fleas feed on blood, causing itchy skin reactions that lead to irritation and infection. Some pets have a sensitivity to flea bites, called flea bite dermatitis. Dermatitis requires more intense treatment to manage the itching. In addition to skin issues, flea bites can also lead to mycoplasma hemophilis (a life-threatening disease of cats), cat scratch fever- bartonella, tape worm infestation and even the bubonic plague. In younger pets, the intense loss of blood from the feeding fleas can also result in anemia.

Flea Treatment Heights TX
Fleas are a serious problem that can lead to extreme issues when not properly treated. When we have a pet come in with fleas we do not just prescribe medicine to kill the adult fleas. We assess the pet’s unique home environment to get an understanding of how the pet got fleas and which steps will need to be taken to properly get rid of them. We review preventative products with the pet owner and go over the flea life cycle. We also ensure all diseases associated with flea bites and ingestion are not present in the animal and treat dermatitis and allergies associated with flea bites.

Veterinary Hospital in Houston Heights
At Urban Animal we know that every companion animal has his or her own unique characteristics that define who they are. We celebrate these qualities, and that’s why our approach to veterinary care is specific to a pet’s individual needs.

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