Bring out your pet’s signature style at Urban Animal. Our groomer will help put the sheen back into your animal companion’s coat and create a unique look that highlight’s your pet’s charm.

small white dog
You try looking this cute

small schnauzer

Groomer Ruby Qattan brings over 14 years of grooming experience to Urban Animal. From bathing, brushing and blowing to shaving and fancy scissor work, Ruby uses gentle handling techniques to bring out the best and keep your companion’s comfy and happy as they’re groomed for glory!.

Clients and their pets can choose from a range of salon options:

Bathing – includes nail trim and ear cleaning and external anal glands

Grooming (coat cuts / trims) – includes bathing, nail trim, ear cleaning and external anal glands

Special spa treatments can be added to any of the above salon solutions

If you’re looking to bring out your companion animal’s pep when they step, give them the gift of a beautiful bath and cut. But beware, Ruby’s work may incite jealousy in other animals!



Dog Grooming in Houston Heights

Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital
1327 Yale St
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 863-008

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