At Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital our goal is to provide personal and precise care, supported by cutting-edge technology and contemporary veterinary techniques in an atmosphere that is comfortable to both the pets we treat and the owners that love them.
Pet Comfort in The Houston Heights
We know a visit to the vet can be a stress inducing, source of anxiety for many animals. This is why at Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital we go above and beyond to ensure the comfort of you and your pet, starting the minute you arrive. We have designed our hospital not only with separately designated entrances for cats and dogs, but also with separate waiting and treatment areas to help your pet remain calm. We keep pets and owners together during examinations, vaccinations and blood draws to give the animals a sense of familiarity and safety while they are being treated.  In our assigned cat areas we release feline pheromones that are produced to reduce stress. We have made it a point to extend our dedication of comfort to our equipment as well. We have climate-controlled oxygen cages and heated surgery tables. These are not only implemented to provide comfort to your pet but are also useful in ensuring your pet is stabilized before, during, and after receiving treatment. In addition to all of these measures we also bribe your furry friends with goodies throughout their visit. Our dog patients receive cheese and marshmallow fluff while our cat patients are bribed with catnip.
Pet Care in The Houston Heights
While creating a comforting environment for your pet is one of our top priorities, this would be nothing if it was not matched with equally focused attention to your pet’s care. At Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital we offer digital x-rays and same-day ultrasounds and echocardiograms that are read by board certified radiologist and cardiologist. This allows us the ability to identify any problems we may find and begin treating your animal right away. Our facility has a separately ventilated isolation room with an outdoor entrance to keep pets with infectious diseases away from the other animals until they have recovered. Our hospital is also equipped with a full in-house laboratory and pharmacy for your convenience.
People Matter Too
Pets are not the only ones being bribed with treats at Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital! We offer all of our guests an array of beverages and complimentary Wi-Fi. For the children, we offer candy and coloring books to keep them smiling.
Veterinary Hospital in The Houston Heights
At Urban Animal we know that every companion animal has his or her own unique characteristics that define who they are. We celebrate these qualities, and that’s why our approach to veterinary care is specific to a pet’s individual needs.

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