It’s lovely to make your home smell nice by adding those scents around the house. Many scents can irritate a cat, dog or other companion animal’s respiratory tract. Potpourri can do more than that.

Potpourri usually comes in liquid form or dry. The dry form, though, has some of the liquid on it as this is what makes it smell pleasing.

Animals that ingest the dry form may have the problem of a foreign body obstruction, which requires surgical removal. If you pet suddenly starts vomiting and has a lack of appetite (along with an interest in potpourri) you can become very suspicious of a foreign body and should seek veterinary help right away.

The liquid portion is like a detergent and is extremely abrasive to an individuals oral and gastrointestinal tract. Animals ingesting a liquid form suffer from severe oral and tongue ulcers as well as severe irritation to the intestines. They may exhibit signs of drooling and they most likely will not want to eat as they feel nauseous and their mouths likely hurt.

Potpourri spray

These animals require immediate veterinary attention, too. Milk can reduce the effects of the liquid potpourri but ongoing gastrointestinal and pain medication as well as antibiotics will likely be needed. Initially, to correct the problem of not eating or drinking, companion animals may require hospitalization so they can receive IV fluids. An esophageal feeding tube may be needed to ensure your cat or dog is able to receive adequate nutrition while they are unable to eat.

Liquid by itself is likely the worst offender of chemical issues. Still, remember that the dry form has liquid poured over it, so it can still be very irritating.

Since potpourri is filled with potential peril if the wrong companion animal gets into it, it’s best to keep far out of reach or not have it at all.


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