So, your dog is awesome and you want to spread some of that awesomeness around by breeding your beloved pooch. But WAIT! STOP! There are a number of things to consider and medical evaluations to have done before responsibly deciding that your pooch should be bred.

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Factors to Consider

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Medically Needed Pre-Breeding Procedures

The organism requires three weeks on average to become evident in the bloodstream. After that, it localizes in the reproductive or urinary tract and either continuously or periodically seeds the bloodstream from there. 

Lymph nodes can enlarge and possibly the spleen or liver can become inflamed but generally, the infected adult dog does not seem sick in the short term. Chronic disease from long-term immune stimulation can result. Diseases produced by long-term inflammation can include:

Most of the time, the only sign is aborted pregnancy between the 45th and 59th day of pregnancy (relatively late in the pregnancy). Classically, the aborted pups appear to have died at least several days prior to abortion as they do not look freshly dead.

Abortion does not always appear in this most common form, though. Sometimes, the pregnancy is lost so early in its course that the problem is mistaken for infertility. Sometimes puppies are stillborn. Sometimes they are born live and infected.

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