The holidays are behind us but the season for fleas (the” fleason”) is just getting started. With warmth, humidity and more mammals active outside, these ectoparasites are getting their bite back.

Fleas are not very selective when it come to who they’ll feed on. While dogs and cats may be the meal of choice, other mammals in your house may be in danger: the hamster, rat, rabbit guinea pig all provide fleas with tempting tastes. And if desperate, a dog or cat flea will even take a bite out of us (we’re not their first choice though).

The best thing pet owners can do is keep cats and dog on monthly prevention. If fleas are noticed ask your veterinarian for Capstar which will kill the adults within the hours and not allow time for reproduction in your home. The con is Capstar only lasts 24 hours. Next your want a good monthly medication.

Urban Animal provides some excellent and tasty flea preventives. We also carry Capstar. If you want to prevent fleas or already have a problem, call us and schedule an appointment before the fleason is upon us and more important, on your pets!

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