Urban Animal turns 2 today! Please join us from 5:30pm until the cats stop meowing for food, drinks and mingling with other pet owners.

For our anniversary month we want to stress the importance of routine wellness and preventive care.

For both cats and dogs, recommended annual vaccinations based on lifestyle and geographic location can be life-saving in terms of preventing fatal diseases and lowing chances of epidemic spreads.

Monthly flea and heartworm prevention are also important parts of wellness and prevention. They keep your cat or dog parasite free, which results in increased comfort, health and less sick pet visits to the veterinarian – not that we don’t want to see you…

As our pets age, senior labwork lets us make sure your companion animal’s immune system along with his/her liver, kidneys and other organs are working the way they should. It’s important to detract disease early and intervene before irreversible damage has occurred.

For pets with any respiratory illness including cardiac disease, imaging through x-rays or ultrasound to diagnose and monitor progression is essential. We never want your pet (or you) to be caught in an unexpected crisis. Early knowledge is power! We want to arm you with the latest insights and medical therapies so, your animal companions can receive the best timely care.

In short, routine wellness, prevention and disease screening help ensure that your pet stays happy and healthy. Should something be found, Urban Animal will provide you with what you need to provide you pet with the best possible care.

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