Veterinary Care Heights
Canine and feline lifestyles are different, so Urban Animal customizes wellness and preventative medicine based on how your animal companion lives his/her life.

Cats that are indoor/outdoor require different annual tests to ensure that haven’t contracted FIV and/or FeLV. They need to be on heartworm, flea and parasite prevention monthly. They should be microchipped in case they get lost and their vaccine regimen needs some adjusting. Annual fecal floats become increasingly important as does having owners closely monitor for bite wounds, signs of trauma and more.

Dogs that go to doggie day care, dog parks and get boarded and groomed also benefit from customized vaccine regimens, temperament testing and an awareness that they’re more likely to contract infections than dogs that have limited dog-to-dog interaction. If your dog is spending time in rural areas they should have a tick preventative in addition to monthly flea and heartworm preventatives. If your dog spends time in the Northeast, Lyme disease vaccines should be added.

At Urban Animal, we realize the uniqueness of each pet and create a plan to meet their daily requirements,

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