Veterinary medications and prescription products can range from medications for specific diseases, infections, prescription diets, cancer medications as well as preventive drugs for things such as heartworm, fleas and ticks.

Whether your dog or cat needs an antibiotic, a heart medication of something to protect them from parasites, pet owners today face a range of options about where to purchase a product.

There are large online retailers that can order medications in bulk and provide it to the pet owner at a very low cost. There are also large-chain retail stores that have started moving into the veterinary world of prescription medication.

While deciding who you want to purchase from can be confounding, here are a few thingsmedicine for your dog from Houston vet to consider that may make purchasing medications and the like more straightforward.

1. Many of the storefronts and online retailers do not employ veterinarians to monitor prescriptions. If a dose is too high or low or there is an interaction with another medication the pet is on, it likely will not be recognized and life-threatening complications can ensue

2. Veterinary drug manufactures typically stand behind their products when prescriped and dispended by and at you local veterinarian. For example, if your dog is taking a heartworm preventative as prescribed and becomes heartworm positive, the drug company will often pay for the pet’s treatment which can run over $1,000.

pet meds to keep them healthy

The manufacturers will NOT  reimburse if the product was dispensed by anyone other than a veterinary hospital/facility.

3. When you purchase medications through your veterinarian, you can be assured that it has been stored and handled appropriately and has not expired. The same doesn’t hold true when you purchase from an online pharmacy

4. Your local veterinarian exists to help your pet for wellness and in sickness. By purchasing prescription products through your veterinarian you help support him/her, helping to ensure that care is available at the place you know and love right when you need it!

Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital is here for your pet 7 days a week. For most medications we offer generic options, helping to provide the best care at the best prices!


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