Your Pet May Have Anxiety

People aren’t the only individuals that suffer from anxiety. Pets get stressed, too.

Some suffer from separation anxiety. Others pet just seem nervous in certain  situations or in multi-pet households. Some are only stressed with loud noises like thunder or fireworks. It is not just dogs who suffer. Our feline friends may choose to share their angst differently. Rather than vocalize or chew up your favorite shoes, your cat may decide to urinate in them!
Cats in multi-cat households and homes with dogs tend to show higher signs of stress.
Stressed out dog
Stressed out dog

Urban Animal can help:

  • We have medications designed to control different types of anxiety.
  • Behavior modification and strategies to help alleviate distress.
    We want to add a touch of calm back into everyone’s lives.
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Signs of stress:

  • chewing clothes, furniture, bedding, sheet rock or molding
  • barking excessively
  • pacing
  • over grooming
  • inappropriate urination and/or defecation

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