Dental Care in Cats

Feline dental care is perhaps the most overlooked and under-treated area in small animal medicine. Cats are affected by many of the same dental problems that affect dogs and people, including periodontal diseases, fractured teeth, and oral tumors. Cats are also plagued with their own unique issues such as tooth resorption and inflammation. Resorption of […]

WHAT’S THE FUSS ABOUT UTERINE PUS? – Pyometra in Dogs and Cats

The word pyometra is derived from Latin “pyo” meaning pus and “metra” meaning uterus. The pyometra is an abscessed, pus-filled infected uterus. Toxins and bacteria leak across the uterine walls and into the bloodstream, causing life-threatening toxic effects. The uterus dies, releasing large amounts of pus and dead tissue into the abdomen. Without treatment death […]

A New Drug in Veterinary Medicine Telmisartan (Semintra, Micardis) Can Help with Protein Loss in the Urine As Well As High Blood Pressure

Brand Name: Semintra, Micardis A recent veterinary study suggests that Temisartin may work better than ACEi (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors) for reducing protein loss in the urine. For companion cats and dogs suffering from proteinuria or hypertension, an ARB (Angiotensin Receptor Blocker) may soon be the drugs of choice.  Background Telmisartan is in a class […]

Cytauxzoonosis in Cats – What is that crazy name again?

What is Cytauxzoon Felis? Cytauxzoon (pronounced “sight-oz-o-un”) organisms are blood parasites that were first recognized in Africa as a parasite of antelopes and other ruminants. Cytauxzoon organisms were not discovered in the U.S. until 1976 when Cytauxzoon felis (of cats) was first described as a feline blood parasite affecting and killing cats from forested areas.   Initially there was concern that livestock […]