Surge Of Homeless Animals Puts Harris County Shelter In Tough Spot

Today, instead of focusing on illnesses that affect companion animals, the recent flooding and increased animals left without homes, deserves some time and attention as ways that we can all help. Below is taken from Dogs are housed at the Harris County Animal Shelter, which is currently severely overcrowded. The Harris County Animal Shelter is […]

Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) in Toy Breed Dogs Is A Serious Matter

The creation of different dog breeds represents centuries of selective breeding to create true lines of dogs all with similar desired characteristics. Somewhere in all this breeding and selection, toy breeds were deemed desirable and were hence developed. Some typical examples of these very small dogs are Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrie, Maltese, Toy Poodle, and Pomeranian. […]

Hairballs in Cats

“He’s throwing up hairballs all the time. I’m tired of stepping on slimy hair.” To the client, the problem is simple. But to the veterinarian, it’s much more complicated. When cats groom themselves and their feline friends, hair gets caught on the barbs of the tongue. That hair then is swallowed. In a “healthy” cat, […]

Dental Care in Cats

Feline dental care is perhaps the most overlooked and under-treated area in small animal medicine. Cats are affected by many of the same dental problems that affect dogs and people, including periodontal diseases, fractured teeth, and oral tumors. Cats are also plagued with their own unique issues such as tooth resorption and inflammation. Resorption of […]