When your companion animal is faced with an orthopedic or complex surgical need, it can be frustrating. Owners are often faced with both the very high costs associated with an advanced procedure as well as being referred to an unfamiliar specialty practice equipped to perform the needed surgery.

While orthopedic surgery and specialty procedures are more expensive and time consuming than routine procedures, Urban Animal has found a way to make advanced procedures much more affordable.

dog x-ray

We are happy to announce our partnership with a boarded veterinary surgeon. This means that the same procedures typically done at a specialty hospital by referral can now be done locally at our Heights location!

By addressing advanced surgical needs at Urban Animal, pet owners can avoid the exorbitant costs of surgical procedures typically found at referral hospitals.

Procedures provided include:


Soft Tissue

If you have a companion animal that requires advanced surgical care,call us to see how we can help!

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