laser treatment at urban animal veterinary hospital

Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital is happy to announce that laser treatment is now available to help your cat or dog feel his or her very best! 

Laser therapy can help manage pain for sudden or long-standing problems. With laser treatment, a beam of light energy is applied to your animal companion’s area of inflammation along with the surrounding regions.

This technique may reduce pain and inflammation and promote the healing of tissue including arthritic joints.

By increasing blood flow to the applied region, laser therapy promotes an influx of anti-inflammatory and healing mediators to reach injured areas.

dog getting laser treatment

Cold Laser Therapy can benefit your canine or feline friend feel better from a range of conditions, including:

There are different treatment durations for laser therapy depending on the injury. A post-operative incision, for instance, may only need a single treatment whereas chronic arthritis may require ongoing treatment and will initially need 2-3 treatments the first week, reducing each week until plateauing at monthly maintenance care.  

dog and cat lounging

Treating wounds and lick granulomas may last as long as the wound or granuloma is present and will generally range from 3-10 treatments.

Urban Animal Has put together laser treatment packages based on your pet’s medical needs. Our veterinarian will help you evaluate your pet and select a treatment regimen best suited for their needs.

Call us to evaluate your animal companion and come up with a plan that makes them feel like the best versions of themselves!

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