Parvovirus is a completely preventable virus. Up to 16 weeks of age a vaccination to prevent against parvo and other viruses are given 3-4 weeks apart. In most cases after that and booster vaccinations as adults, dogs are protected.
Dogs at risk are un-vaccinated puppies and ypung dogs, especially those that lack maternal antibodies (i.e. the mother was never vaccinated against parvovirus). This disease is one of the saddest to watch. It attacks rapidly dividing cells of the GI tract as well as of the bone marrow.
Affected puppies often start with a loss of energy and appetite which then progresses to vomiting and diarrhea as well as a drop in the white blood cells produced by the bone marrow.
The disease causes tremendous fluid losses, bacterial infection into the bloodstream, a depressed immune system, log blood sugar, hypoglycemia and so much more.
Patients diagnosed with parvo require in-patient hospitalization. Out-patient care works in some instances but the mortality rate is much higher. No dog should have to go through this, especially with cost-effective vaccinations that are easy to schedule.
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