Spaying and neutering domestic cats is especially important. Currently, there are established feral populations of felines whose numbers just keep growing.

Unwanted stray cats lead to the spread of transmissible diseases such as feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), feline leukemia virus (FeLV), intestinal parasites as well as respiratory and other infectious diseases that infect other cats.

Male cats that aren’t neutered may mark inside as well as display awkward behavior such as mounting towels, bedding, stuffed animals etc. They are also likely to try and leave the house looking for female felines to help them scratch their itch. They also tend to fight with other un-neutered males.

Females that are un-spayed tend to yowl a lot as they go into heat. Since they are induced ovulators, without a male cat to help the process along, female cats will stay in heat for prolonged periods without intervention and also display the slightly awkward indoor behavior of rubbing up against objects and meowing something fierce. They are also prone to life-threatening mammary gland cancer and uterine tract infection (pyometra).

To keep your cat safe while quelling the feline bump and grind, spay and neuter your cat. Urban Animal offers high-quality spay and neuter procedures performed in our surgery suite. Call us today and schedule an appointment

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