Heights Veterinarian Hospital
Did you know Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital was designed from the ground up to best address your companion animal’s medical needs?

There are oxygen lines throughout the building so cats and dogs having trouble breathing can be supported with oxygen throughout the diagnostic and treatment process.

Our isolation area allows cats and dogs with contagious diseases to enter and exit the building through a separate entrance and be examined and treated in two rooms different from where other patients are seen.

Heights Veterinary Clinic
Urban Animal also has separate cat and dog entrances, examination rooms and treatment areas so that our feline friends can avoid the fear that may arise from being in close proximity with dogs.

We also offer complimentary WiFi in the waiting and examination rooms for the people associated with their animal companions. And our built in speaker system lets us play upbeat tunes throughout the day.

Built from the ground up, our hospital lets you experience state-of-the-art veterinary care in a facility that’s distinctly Urban.

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