Urban Animal is a full service Veterinary Hospital located in the Houston Heights neighborhood. We offer a wide range of medical services and treatment. Some of the several areas we specialize in are pet dental care and pet dermatology.

Heights Veterinary Dental Care
Your animal’s teeth require regular care just the way people’s do. This includes regular brushing to maintain good oral health. And just like us, they also need routine dental evaluations with x-rays, scaling, probing, polishing and cleaning. at some point, most companion animals also need oral surgery.

At Urban Animal, we don’t just guess at what’s going on under the gum line. All our dental evaluations include full mouth x-rays, so we remove the mystery from the mouth. Should oral surgery be needed, we use local nerve blocks along with anesthesia and multi-modal pain control to keep your pet comfortable during and after any procedure.

Heights Veterinary Dermatology
While we all know that beauty goes deeper than the skin, when it comes to pet dermatology, we’d like to stay a little shallow. Your pet’s coat is a reflection of his or her overall health; it’s also a reflection of how pets respond to their environment, their immune system or even how their breed specific make up.

Often an animal’s coat can be affected by ectoparasites such as fleas or mites or allergies to the environment (atopy). Some animals can have immune disorders that compromise the skin barrier or endocrine issues that affect the coat. Animals, like people, can also develop cutaneous tumors both benign and malignant. At Urban Animal we evaluate skin problems from every aspect: environment, flea/tick protection used, breed, age, underlying medical conditions and more. Skin lesions are microscopicially evaluated and if we need to dig deeper such as with a biopsy, dermatology consult, allergy testing or baseline labwork, we do.

At Urban Animal, we know that beauty may lie beneath the skin, but a healthy vibrant coat coupled with a certain je nais se quoi is a head turner whether it be out on the cat walk or the dog run.

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