Leptospiosis is a bacterial disease that can infect any animal, including people. It’s on the CDC’s list of zoonotic diseases and the effects on an animal’s kidneys and liver can be devastating if not caught on time.

There are many strains of leptospirosis. In dogs, the 4 most common ones are in use in a vaccine, which Urban Animal strongly encourages dog to get.

Whether your dog spends most of his/her time indoors or out isn’t relevant for this disease as 90% of the rat population is infected and excretes it in their urine.

In the beginning symptoms are vague but as the disease progresses animals can lose kidney and liver function and if not treated quickly enough, will die.

I you pet has not been vaccinated for this disease, call Urban Animal and schedule an appointment to discuss the disease, vaccinate your pets and learn what you can do to help stop its spread.

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