When thinking about the health needs and risks faced by cats, outdoor cats require slightly different care. For instance, indoor/outdoor cats come in contact with fatal infectious diseases transmitted cat-to-cat.

Diseases like:

Because of this, annual testing for these viruses is imperative.


Indoor cats typically need core vaccines, that is Rabies and FVRCP (often referred to as the feline distemper vaccine)
Outside cats require these vaccinations with the additional of feline leukemia virus.

Other Medical Conditions

outdoor catWhile all cats are susceptible, outside cats will encounter higher burdens of fleas, heatworm, ear mites and gastrointestinal parasitism. Annual fecal testing is helpful in this population along with a monthly topical to prevent heartworm disease, fleas, ear mites and w commonly found intestinal parasites.

Checking the skin for flea dirt, fur loss, scratches and allergic reactions to things like insect stings are also essential things that the outdoor cat needs along with a topical medication that prevents heartworms, fleas, ear mites and intestinal parasites. While all felines should have this level of care and protection, it’s even more imperative the outdoor cat receive it regularly due to chronic risk exposure.

If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, Urban Animal can help you keep you pet safe.  Call us to schedule and appointment.


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