Urban Animal is a full service Veterinary Hospital located in the Houston Heights neighborhood. We offer a wide range of medical services and treatment. Some of the several areas we specialize in are preventive pet care and wellness, as well as pain management for pets.

Preventive Pet Care and Wellness in Houston Heights
Don’t wait until your pet gets sick. Preventive pet care and wellness checks keep you in control to prevent an illness from happening. By combining a sensible vaccine program that meets your pet’s life style with good nutrition and preventative products such as those that fight off heartworm disease as well as fleas, tick and other parasites, you can take a a big step toward your companion animal’s long-term well being.

Couple what’s above with regular examinations, breed specific testing where indicated, senior monitoring and screening tests, and we’ll help you catch a problem before it snowballs into something bigger.

So much can be stopped before it even happens. So, don’t wait. Strike pre-preemptively and block disease before it even starts.The Urban Animal Team will work with your every step of the way.

Pain Management for Pets in Houston Heights
No one likes to hurt, and we want pain management for pets to be as comfortable as possible. While getting ready for an upcoming procedure, post-operatively or managing chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, Urban Animal blocks pain in more than one way.

We don’t just target one area. Our approach aims at blocking pain pathways at sites in both the spinal cord and more locally. This results in a balanced anti-pain plan that

Veterinary Hospital in The Houston Heights
At Urban Animal we know that every companion animal has his or her own unique characteristics that define who they are. We celebrate these qualities, and that’s why our approach to veterinary care is specific to a pet’s individual needs.

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