Veterinary Hospital Houston Heights
Urban Animal is a full service Veterinary Hospital located in the Houston Heights. We offer a wide range of medical services and treatment. Some of the several areas we specialize in are Internal Medicine, Radiology and Pet Surgery.

Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist Heights
From infectious diseases and endocrine disorders to autoimmune problems, inflammatory illness to genetic anomalies, organ dysfunction and more, the broad field of veterinary internal medicine encompasses everything that’s anything, and we help make a diagnosis and get your urban companion the best treatment available.
In addition to a wide away of in-house and reference laboratory testing, Urban Animal works with a number of boarded internists to get your pet the best treatment plan.
Services include:
Gastrointestinal panels
Endocrine testing
Blood pressure monitoring
Lower airway washes
Infectious disease testing
Autoimmune disease testing
Transfusion medicine
Kidney and liver specific panels
Pancreatic blood panels
In-house and reference laboratory services
Culture and sensitivity tests

Animal Radiology Clinic Heights
Urban Animal offers ultrasound and digital x-ray to better visualize structures that aren’t always apparent. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to quickly obtain images of the chest, abdomen and the organs inside them. It also helps us examine whether bony abnormalities are present.
Our radiographs (x-rays) are sent to boarded radiologists just the way they are when we get imaged ourselves. We want the best set of eyes looking at your urban companion so we can make the most informed recommendations.
Additionally, we can often offer same-day ultrasounds of the abdomen and/or heart (echocardiograms) when specific systems are in question. Sometimes the answer is more than skin deep. Urban Animal gives you a complete and in depth picture.

Veterinary Surgeon Houston Heights
Whether elective surgery, biopsy, mass removal or unexpected, our veterinary surgeon helps you keep your cat or dog healthy. Our surgery suite has a heated surgery table to keep your pet warm during a procedure. We have electrocautery instruments, if needed, to make procedures go faster and minimize blood loss.
Your pet is monitored closely during all procedures including blood pressure, oxygen carrying capacity, heart rate, respiratory rate along with carbon dioxide buildup. Our suite and surgery protocols are similar to what’s used in human medicine, so we can ensure the best outcome for your companion animal.
Surgery services include:
Elective spays and neuters
Mass removals
Esophageal Tube placement for temporary assistance feeding
And more…


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