Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital was created to provide optimum veterinary care to the Houston Heights community and be a local resource.
Urban Animal focuses on a patient and owner’s unique needs and doesn’t employ a “one-size-fits-all” mind set. We pride ourselves on representing the diversity of the community we live in.
Just as every person is different and deserves to be treated with dignity, so does every cat and dog. Our way of thinking extends to whomever walks through our doors. We don’t care about what you look like, your gender, whom you choose to love and how you choose to express yourself. We also don’t discriminate on whether you’re intact, spayed or neutered, walk on two legs, four or require assistance. 
Reinforcing our commitment to celebrate the uniqueness and dignity of every individual, we built this hospital from the ground up to be in full compliance with the ADA. Our hallways, washroom, waiting area, exam rooms and parking are accessible to everyone. At Urban Animal, everyone is welcome.


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