Soft serve, explosive, mucous-y – that’s some of the ways owners describe their pets’ journey from solid formed feces to diarrhea. There are many causes ranging from easily solved to those requiring extensive hospitalization.
But things to remember are: the sooner you bring your pet to the veterinarian, the easier you make the problem from exploding into a life-threatening emergency.
Diarrhea that is left untreated results in dehydration and in some cases circulatory collapse. It also may result in problems absorbing nutrients. Some simple things your veterinarian can do are:
1) Check for intestinal parasites – this is a big cause of diarrhea
2) Check for dietary changes
3) Check for inappropriate eating of non-pet food items
4) Look for inflammatory and infectious diseases
5) Check for malabsorption issues
6) Evaluate for GI ulcers
7) Look for endocrine or metabolic disorders and so much more…

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