Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital in the Heights offers advanced radiology options. Our digital X-ray takes fantastic pictures, giving better visualization of the bones, organs, lungs and other soft tissue and fluid structures.

Our radiographs (x-rays) are sent to boarded radiologists for evaluation = whether is be for lameness, fractures, organ size or heart and lung evaluations and more, we let expert eyes read our radiographs so nothing gets missed, after all, image is everything.

The same can be said for ultrasound scans. Urban Animal has our own ultrasound, which we use for bladder evaluations, emergency checks for masses, abdominal bleeds and fluid that may be inappropriately collecting around the lungs or heart. We can scan, asses quickly and act when your animal companion’s life is on the line.

Additionally, we can often get same-day ultrasounds of the abdomen and heart (echocardiograms). The abdominal scans are read by boarded radiologists and the echocardiograms are read by boarded cardiologists.

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