Intestinal parasites pose a year-round threat to our cat and dog companions.

Intestinal Parasite Prevention – While regular heartworm preventives contain some protection against intestinal bugs, it often doesn’t protect all the parasites out there.

If a dose or two was missed or your cat or dog ingested a very high parasitic burden, they can still get infected.
Urban Animal Veterinary Hospital screens for intestinal parasites year round at your annual visit or in between in the face of symptoms such as diarrhea or soft stool.
And it’s surprising how many of our cared for canine and feline companions are showing up positive for parasites.

Once detected, they are often easily treated. Left untreated the results range and can include:

-weight loss
-protein loss

Intestinal Parasite Prevention
Intestinal Parasite Prevention
They key to keeping your pet healthy is detection! Make your appointment today at 713-863-0088 or email info@urbananimalveterinary.com and have your companion screened for intestinal parasites.
We can also help you learn how to disinfect your environment.

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