Things are heating up: Protect your pets from Heat Stroke

Body temperature may be elevated because of an infection (fever), but it may also increase because of hot and/or humid conditions outside.  An increased body temperature caused by environmental conditions is commonly referred to as hyperthermia, heatstroke, and heat prostration.  Hyperthermia may be a life-threatening condition, and does require immediate treatment.  A dog’s normal body […]

Kennel Cough in Dogs – One of the most common respiratory diseases of dogs

What is it?Kennel cough is an infection of trachea and broncheal region of dogs. Affected animals have a harsh, hacking cough that most people describe as sounding like something stuck in my dog’s throat. This bronchitis may be of brief duration and mild enough to warrant minimal treatment(this is how most cases work). In rare instances, symptoms may […]