Tail Pull Injuries in Cats

(Also called sacrocaudal fractures in cats) First, an Anatomy Lesson Tails are wonderful, expressive body parts used by cats for communication purposes as well as for balance. The tail consists of a varying number of vertebrae (called caudal vertebrae; caudal means near or at the tail) and voluntary muscles with ligaments and tendons holding it all together. The tail attaches […]

Vulvar Fold Dermatitis

Associated Terms: Juvenile Vulva, Recessed Vulva, Episioplasty, Vulvoplasty Overview: Excessive skin folds around the vulva can lead to the accumulation of urine and vaginal secretions. A moist, dark environment is created where bacteria and yeast can thrive, resulting in vulvar fold dermatitis (Figure 1). Episioplasty, also known as vulvoplasty, is a reconstructive surgical procedure performed […]

Body Language of Cats

Cats use body language to communicate a variety of information and emotions to others. The primary body parts they use to convey their state of mind are their ears, tail, eyes, body posture, and vocal cords. Types of emotions and behaviors that can be demonstrated are fear or anxiety, frustration, pain, play, mating, contentedness or […]

Asthma in Cats

Asthma is a recurring respiratory compromise featuring the constriction of the lung’s airways. First, excess mucus forms, the airway walls swell with inflammation and can actually ulcerate, and finally the airway muscles go into spasm leading to constriction. Airway constriction leads to inability to draw a deep breath, intolerance to exercise, coughing, and musical sighing […]