Fluid Therapy in Pets

Wendy Brooks, DVM, DABVP Date Published: 07/02/2007 Date Reviewed/Revised: 06/05/2018 Additional Resources Kidney Failure in Dogs and Cats: Where to Begin Renal Failure Dietary Therapy Kidney Dialysis: Is it for your Pet? Kidney Transplants for Cats and Dogs Kidney Failure (Chronic) Links Calcium Phosphorus Balance in Dogs and Cats Renal Anemia, or Inadequate Red Blood […]

Electronic Cigarettes are Toxic to Pets

Electronic cigarettes, often called e-cigs, are marketed as an alternative to cigarette smoking. They are also referred to as personal vaporizers or electronic nicotine delivery systems. These devices are a cylindrical body that holds a cartridge containing a liquid solution; some resemble a tobacco cigarette. The solution, termed “e-liquid” or “e-juice,” contains a base material, […]